We guide people who are at a distance from the job market to work. Mostly the long-term unemployed and people with a prison background. But also people who are looking for a new challenge. We actively approach the market to help our candidates get paid work. CurrentWerkt takes all the hassle around the municipal care obligation out of your hands. For the candidate it means regularity in daily life and an income from work. We thereby add social value to the commercial process of a job agency.

Working with a (job) coach
We build a relationship of trust with the candidate, based on our experience and knowledge of reintegration processes. Through active coaching, we motivate and stimulate the candidate and thus limit the chance of failure. Vice versa, we can mean a lot to employers and organizations as a source of information / sparring partner.
Result for candidates of intensive coaching

  • better resilience
  • more confidence
  • better housing situation
  • handle money better
  • resume / complete training
  • better health
  • better social participation
  • more competencies

Support for municipalities

  • source of information for municipalities
  • linking a job coach to the candidates and thus intensive guidance
  • provide housing (back to ‘old’ living environment)
  • produce diplomas / prepare a resume
  • concrete search for interpretation in work process and society

Realized projects

  • Almost 100 successful placements/work trajectories at various employers and in various branches in only 1.5 years
  • Various work-study programs, in which the employer invests in the candidate

We have a national network of companies with which we collaborate. Branches in which we are active, among others are: construction, cleaning, energy sector, installation technology, insulation technology.

A fact sheet is available about our specialization, the supervision of former prisoners.

If you send us an email via the button, one of our account managers will contact you within two days.

Job seekers

You want to get started: using your talents and qualities in a paid job. Are you someone with a detention background, or do you just want something else? Sign up for Currentwerkt!


We are a source of information for municipalities. Our active job coaches, with knowledge of reintegration processes, motivate and stimulate candidates through intensive 1-on-1 coaching.


As an entrepreneur, how can you help people find a job? As an employer, you want to give people returning to work a chance, but you are reluctant to do so. You leave risks and guidance to Currentwerkt!