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CurrentWerkt winnaar Nieuwe Helden-prijs 2022!

CurrentWerkt wint Rotterdamse LEF Prijs 2022!

Working in construction gives me satisfaction.
CurrentWerkt knows what I can do.
Good coaching gives me regularity.
Unique opportunity for re-entry.
Just looking for a new job.

Job seekers

You want to get started: using your talents and qualities in a paid job. Are you someone with a detention background, or do you just want something else? Sign up for Currentwerkt!


We are a source of information for municipalities. Our active job coaches, with knowledge of reintegration processes, motivate and stimulate candidates through intensive 1-on-1 coaching.


As an entrepreneur, how can you help people find a job? As an employer, you want to give people returning to work a chance, but you are reluctant to do so. You leave risks and guidance to Currentwerkt!

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We are CurrentWerkt

We are a job agency, in which our social goals are equally important as our commercial targets. Our primary intermediary client group are candidates with a significant distance to the regular job market: People with a prison record.

What we do

A+ employers and employees

Solid partner | We look for the best employees for your company. We match our candidates with the most suitable employers.

Retention of work

Professional guidance | We offer all parties coaching to reach a common goal: a satisfied employer and employee.

Tailor-made solutions

Satisfied customers | We offer tailor-made solutions for businesses and for our candidates. Every case is unique!

No more social assistance benefit

Municipalities | We work together with municipalities to help people in a social assistance benefit or welfare situation get back to work.


Prison system | People with a detention background are welcome. We believe that a good reintegration keeps society safe.

Paid job

Work pays off | All candidates work in paid employment positions. No work while retaining benefits, but a real job.

(085) 070 28 90

Vlamoven 34, 6826 TN Arnhem

Koddeweg 49, 3194 DH Hoogvliet Rotterdam

Spoorlaan 460, 5038 CH Tilburg

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