We are CurrentWerkt

We are a job agency, in which our social goals are equally important as our commercial targets. Our primary intermediary client group are candidates with a significant distance to the regular job market: People with a prison record.

We actively approach the market to draw attention to our candidates. The municipalities and, if applicable, the prisons are relieved from the obligatory responsibility and care tasks towards the candidate. We take these off their hands. We believe that a good match with a perspective for both company and candidate is very important. We achieve this through intensive coaching and guidance.

Having a suitable job not only ensures social affiliation, but also avoids a situation where an ex-prisoner is tempted to stray off the right track again to generate an income necessary to survive. We provide the basis from which the candidate can once again become a full part of society.

Realized projects

  • Almost 100 successful placements/work trajectories at various employers and in various
    branches in only 1.5 years
  • Various work-study programs, in which the employer invests in the candidate

We have a national network of companies that we collaborate with. Branches in which we are active are: construction, cleaning, energy sector, installation technology, insulation technology.

The name ‘CurrentWerkt’
The meaning of ‘current’ is flow, direction. The word ‘works’ refers to the content of our work. In our logo, a bridge forms the connection between the words “current” and “works”. Freely translated is our approach: ensuring flow that leads to work. Early involvement and coaching of the candidates ensures a positive flow in finding and guiding a suitable work environment for job seekers. CurrentWerkt really works!


Vlamoven 34
6826 TN  Arnhem

Koddeweg 49

3194 DH  Hoogvliet (Rotterdam)


(085) 070 28 90

Job seekers

You want to get started: using your talents and qualities in a paid job. Are you someone with a detention background, or do you just want something else? Sign up for Currentwerkt!


We are a source of information for municipalities. Our active job coaches, with knowledge of reintegration processes, motivate and stimulate candidates through intensive 1-on-1 coaching.


As an entrepreneur, how can you help people find a job? As an employer, you want to give people returning to work a chance, but you are reluctant to do so. You leave risks and guidance to Currentwerkt!